Why Are You Here?

I Promise You Immortality

Do you know how easy it would be to get you to join a football team even if you thought it was anathema to you?

I could get some hot chicks to ask you or tell you that immigrants were trying to ban football and replace it with spicy food.
You'd join in a second.
Did you know that the NHS says that football prevents testicular cancer? The unemployed hate football and will use the millions of pounds they earn on the dole to make hard-working people play rugby.

Do you want to leave the EU and vote for Scottish independence? If you think about it for long enough you will die. Just wait.

I Am The Lord, Your God


Think about it for some time. Keep thinking and you'll die. It might take seventy years or more, if you're quite young but you are guaranteed to die. That's why you were born.

That's why Nazi Germany started. Don't think they aren't waiting for that today. We are all waiting for it.

Just think about it and you will die. Keep thinking and don't stop. Think and wait and you'll see what will happen.

This Website Will Change Your Life

The thing is - keep reading. Read and read and read and when you're done, read more and eventually you will die. That's what happens after you're born.


The question some people might ask is:

Why wait?

The List of Scoundrels

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